With spring in full swing, it brings spring activities. Sports are happening, there are outdoor activities, spring events, and garage sales. Many weekends are spent doing all of these, and while these should be exciting things to look forward to each week, some will take advantage of you and try to scam you. There is a scam that is happening this spring that is easy to fall for, unless you know what to look for and to avoid.

Another Scam Happening in Idaho

Credit: Prostock-Studio
Credit: Prostock-Studio

Garage sale season is in full swing, and if you are a garage sale shopper, odds are you have already found many good deals this spring. With social media, not all garage sales are advertised with signs on a corner, and there are many pictures and sales posted online. This is a great way to find some incredible deals, especially in towns you may not commonly drive through or places that are a little further, but close enough for the right deal. There are those out there taking advantage of those looking for great deals and are looking to scam shoppers through social media. 

Garage Sale Scams in Idaho

Credit: alexeys
Credit: alexeys

Many sellers prefer to post pictures online to get more potential shoppers to their sales, and in some cases, they will list items. There are some great deals to be had and some incredible items to be had for well below market value. If you see the seller asking for a deposit and they won't hold the item for you, then you are likely seeing a scam. It is also important to check the profile that posted the items. If their Facebook page is less than a week old, it is a red flag. If they are lacking pictures, it is a red flag. I recently, almost fell for one of these, because I saw pictures of items with great prices, and didn't read the post or look at the seller. Luckily, I finally did before messaging them and avoided this scam.

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Constant scams are happening at all times, and there is someone constantly trying to take your money. Make sure as you scroll through social media for sales in the area this spring, to never put down a deposit online, and to do your research on the seller. If something feels off, it probably is because something is. Be smart and don't let a scammer take advantage of you.  

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