Are you on the 100 Happy Days band wagon? If you are not familiar with this, it's a new Instagram, Twitter and Facebook post. As of right now, 16.1 thousand Twitter followers are on board and 1.3 million people on Facebook.

You may feel overwhelmed because 100 posts is a lot but, it's fairly simple. You find something happy in each day, and post it. It's that easy. You could post about your morning coffee if you wanted to, but I'm hoping you can make it more interesting than that! I started with 5 things that make me, "over-the-top happy"! Watch my video to see what they are.

I love this idea, for the simple reason that it promotes happiness. If people are annoyed by your happiness they should have to post 200 happy things, but who am I to make ANY rules.

If you have happiness to share, and time to post, by all means...PLEASE tell us why you are happy!