I know, I know it seems like a crazy question, but are "ma-prees" hot or not?

A lot of guys that wear man-prees in Twin Falls get looks of disgust from residence. Yet, we are an outdoorsy city.

Man-prees is a topic that Brad Weiser and I fight about quite frequently. I think man-prees are very "manly" and they actually serve a purpose. They make great river, climbing, hiking, backpacking and even summer market pants.

Apparently, a lot of people disagree with me.

I asked a younger demographic, who happens to be raised in a much larger city, what they thought about man-prees. The young man I am referring to is Mr. Jack Holland from KMVT's Rise and Shine. Jack said, "man-prees can never be manly!!"

Is this really true because I personally think man-prees (if you will) are HOT!

I still disagree. Will anyone out there back me up by saying a, "real men wears man-prees"?

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