Antojos Eatery and Cafe is open in Twin Falls. The new restaurant celebrates it's soft opening today, November 18th, until 7 pm. They also had a ribbon cutting earlier in the day. The new restaurant is where the old Maxie's used to be.

Antojos Eatery and Cafe

Antojos means "cravings" in Spanish. They are serving up a variety of different Mexican inspired dishes. The menu has not officially been posted yet, but the restaurant has shown some of the photos of their food and it looks amazing.

Mexican Inspired Dishes From Antojos

The restaurant, again, is where Maxie's used to be and it is serving up things like quesadillas, crepes and more. They even showcased their Mexican Mocha which looks fantastic.

We will have more details as more become available. As soon as an official menu is out we will share it with you. Also, if you are looking for a job, they are hiring.

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