I have to admit, carbs are one of the few things I find it hard to say no to- especially when it comes to pasta.

When I was growing up my dad had this AMAZING recipe that he never told us about. It was always a secret as to what spices and herbs he was putting into the boxed pasta he was making on the stove for our family of six. To this day I still haven't pinned down exactly how much of what he puts in (he always eyeballed it). However, one time I came VERY close to it on accident. Of course, I have never been able to replicate it again.

Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes and I know people have their favorites. To this day I'm still convinced if you get tri-color pasta, it tastes different than your regular rotini. When I was a kid, my dad always let the kids choose what was going in the pot. I remember sometimes there were even arguments with my siblings as to what kind was picked, even though they all taste about the same. My favorites were always bow-tie (farfalle), campanelli and cellentani. You can only imagine how excited I got at the store last week because bow-ties were on sale.

In a city of 50,000+ people, there are quite a few options as to where you can go to get your pasta. On National Pasta Day, we want to know what your favorite is. Plus, I might even check out one of the locations on the list I haven't been to if it does well!

If we missed a restaurant in the poll, let us know and we'll be sure to add it.

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