This is actually kind of a GENIUS crime.  And gross.  Don't forget gross.  A man stole almost a quarter of a million dollars from a plane's cargo hold . . . by climbing through the toilet and sewage system.  Here's how it went down.

The thief was on an Air Antilles plane headed from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe to the island of St. Martin.

A Brink's employee loaded three sacks of cash, totaling about $1.7 MILLION, into the cargo hold.  And the thief MUST'VE known about the cash.

Because he said he was sick, and spent most of the flight in the bathroom.  In reality, he was removing wall and floor panels so he could crawl through the toilet and sewage system down into the cargo hold.

He went into the cargo hold, stole $238,000 from the sacks of money, then crawled back up through the sewage and put the bathroom back together.

He asked a flight attendant if an ambulance could meet him when the plane landed, because he felt so sick.

When the plane landed he was escorted off and over to the ambulance . . . which let him avoid ALL of the normal security checks.  Then he said he suddenly felt better and walked off.

The police are still trying to track him down.

Via (AFP)