Uncovering buried treasure is a dream of many. There are some pretty incredible claims of lost loot throughout the Gem State that drives men and women to spend good money of their own digging, detecting, and dredging.

It doesn't take much effort to find information online about buried treasure in Idaho. Nineteenth and twentieth-century miners used southern Idaho as a route to the west to seek claims of gold booms and lost treasure. According to many documented explorations, a good amount of gold and other valuables were lost in the southern desert of Idaho in the process.

One supported such story of undiscovered treasure includes a landmark found north of the City of Rocks National Reserve. Said to be found within close proximity to Treasure Rock is $200,000 in gold bullion. The exact location of the spot is near lower Goose Creek, found near the town of Oakley. This missing fortune doesn't appear to have any specific name or previous owner attached to it, according to most records I've seen.

The Lower Goose Creek Reservoir is also found near the site, which is a popular fishing and camping spot in the warmer months. Rockhounding, or the act of searching for precious gems and stones, is a popular hobby in Idaho, and it's fairly common to see people in the area of Treasure Rock seeking out such items.

Next time you are venturing out near this southern portion of Idaho, you might want to take a few minutes and walk around Treasure Rock. Maybe you'll notice something that others haven't picked up on that might lead you to this decades-old, lost fortune of gold.

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