Jurassic Quest is an interactive and realistic dinosaur event that travels around the country and it is coming to Boise in March!

Seriously, where was some of this stuff when we were kids! There are rides, activities and a great way to learn and interact with dinos. No, it is not Jurassic Park in real life, you aren't going to get eaten by real dinosaurs. However, you can legitimately ride a freaking T-REX!

They have the largest dinosaurs you can ride anywhere in North America. I mean, let's face it, it is probably the only dinosaurs you can ride. And there is apparently a petting zoo of dinosaurs for toddlers! Is it bad I want to do it and I am not a toddler. There are inflatables and scooters too!

The event is happening March 29th - 31st and you can get tickets now. I would, before it sells out. If you or you have a kid that loves dinosaurs and wants to learn more about them, this event looks great. They have a list of dinosaurs on their Facebook page I have never heard of before.

Plus, did I mention, you can ride a FREAKING T-REX!

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