These things seem obvious, yet so many people STILL DO THEM! So here we go; some obvious things you shouldn't do while in the Magic Valley.

1.) Throw rocks off the Perrine Bridge; or ANY bridge for that matter! There are kayakers and swimmers down there. Seriously, didn't we all learn not to throw rocks when we were like 3? Don't be a jerk!

young deer

2.) Leave the wildlife ALONE! Sure, baby moose, deer and even bears are adorable to look at, but don't be a jerk and grab them or get too close; they will KILL you! Or worse, they will have to be put down because now those babies have been rejected by their moms. They are not stranded or abandoned, leave them alone!

3.) Do not bash on dairies, farmers or hunters. They are a huge part of the community and no one likes it when someone messes with their livelihood. Just don't be a jerk! These people are trying to make a living just like everyone else.


4.) On a similar note: DON'T POACH! Especially don't poach if you AREN'T going to use the animal for anything and just leave it there. Ruins it for the rest of us! Poaching = major jerk move.

5.) If you don't know what you are doing, don't jump off the bridge or climb the canyon wall without someone helping you! Do you know how many times jumpers and climbers have to be rescued off the canyon wall? Us either but it's a lot! Sure, accidents happen and we don't want anyone to get hurt and enjoy the bridge, but we also don't want to have to have rescuers bust out the helicopter and save people that shouldn't even be attempting to jump with 75 mile per hour winds.


6.) Don't leave your car in the middle of the desert overnight or full of valuables. Leaving the car can be understandable if you have been drinking, can't get the car in a tight spot or something but be mindful of where you leave it. Also, make sure no guns, garage door openers, purses, laptops ANYTHING VALUABLE is in your car. Just because we are in a "small" area doesn't mean jerks aren't out there. (Refer to previous 5)

7.) DO NOT leave kids or pets in hot cars. 80-90 degree temps aren't uncommon, and though they don't SEEM so hot, in a car it is easily triple digit heat. People here will smash your window and take your kid or dog and call the cops. So, just leave the dog at home and bring the kid inside.

So, I feel like this whole post can be summed up by saying, don't be a jerk! These things seem obvious, and to an outsider they may be confusing, but be conscious of your surroundings and the people of the community.

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