After moving to Idaho a little over two years ago, I had to find out the hard way the things that really REALLY make Idahoans angry. Here is what I have gathered so far:

1.) If you want to make an Idahoan angry, mispronounce names: It is Not Shu-shonee Falls, or Boyzee. It is Show-shone Falls and Boy-see. Those are just two, there are many MANY more names to that list. We don't have enough space for that.

2.) If you want to make an Idahoan angry, mistake Idaho for Iowa. First of all, they aren't even close to each other and secondly - Iowa is known for corn, not potatoes. Which reminds me...

3.) If you want to make an Idahoan angry, crack a potato joke. Idaho has embraced it with the Potato Drop on New Year's Eve and lets face it, they are the best potatoes. But come on, yes, we have heard that one...

4.) If you want to make an Idahoan angry ask for ketchup or mustard instead of fry sauce.  It's almost blasphemous! This is Idaho, fry sauce is king!

5.) If you want to make an Idahoan angry, bash on finger steaks. They are delicious fried bits of steak, and they are a staple here! You don't have to like them (it's ok to be wrong) but you have to live with it if you live in Idaho.

6.) If you want to make an Idahoan angry, say there is nothing to do here. Sure there is! Within a drive you can pretty much get any form of entertainment you could want. If you enjoy camping, hunting, fishing and the outdoors then it's basically in your back yard. And if you like night life, head to Boise (not Boy-zee...refer to number one).

What did we miss? Let us know!

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