As we inch closer to 2022 we start to look back on some of the best and worst moments of the year. There has been a lot of growth in the area with new businesses and restaurants joining the community. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to some restaurants as well. 

We have a list of five Twin Falls restaurants that did not make it to 2022. If I am missing some please let me know so I can add them to the list. I am pretty sad that we had to say goodbye to these places.


  • 1

    Rita's Coffeehouse and Eatery

    They were located in Downtown Twin Falls at a location that doesn't ever seem to be able to be successful. The parking is rough there but the food at Rita's was great. You could take homemade frozen meals home or get some fresh salads and sandwiches. Hopefully they will make a comeback next year.

  • 2

    Sweeto Burrito

    Located in Twin Falls over by Capriotti's, this one kind of faded away silently. I used to eat there a lot. They have some pretty epic burritos. My personal favorite was the White Chick burrito. I am sad it had to disappear.

  • 3

    The Gyro Shop

    It was also located in Downtown Twin Falls. They had great food options and authentic gyros. I am not sure there is another place in the area that serves them now. I will have to try to find one, but I am hoping this place comes back.

  • 4

    Tomato's Italian Grill

    Everyone seemed to love Tomato's so much. It had been in Twin Falls for over 20 years after all. The last week it was open, it was jam-packed full of people. The food was always good. I am patiently waiting for that cook book they hinted at releasing.

  • 5

    NAZ Kitchen

    The House of Kebabs was only open for about 18 months. According to their Facebook page, they are temporarily closed due to the lack of staff. They can't seem to hire and keep anyone. I am really hoping this place makes a full comeback because it is one I haven't gotten to try yet.

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