The day of terror has arrived! I think that there are really two days that drive our pets insane. 4th of July with the fireworks and Halloween with all the random and loud strangers. Here are four Halloween tips for pet safety.

Don't Put Real Candles In Your Jack-O-Lantern. Cats and dogs are interested in everything and if they knock over a lit candle it could cause a fire!

Put The Candy Out Of Reach. Some dogs can die if they eat chocolate and others can get really sick...and nobody wants a dead dog or a sick do making an extra mess on the floor.

Don't Force Them Into A Costume. Some dogs and a few cats are fine wearing a costume. Others go into a full frenzy to get it off which can be dangerous - especially if the costume is too tight or they are chewing on it and it gets caught in their throat.

Put Them In A Safe Place. Sure your dog is nice and loves everybody, but even the nicest dog can get overwhelmed and either bite a child or run off down the street to escape. Put them in a back yard or a room that they can't escape from.

Hope this help you and your pets have a fun and safe Halloween!

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