Just in case you didn't know, it is illegal to try to bring a firearm on an airplane without properly storing it and checking a bag. So, no you cannot bring a gun on an airplane with a carry-on bag. You can bring a gun on an airplane though.

People illegally trying to bring a gun on a flight at the Boise Airport

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Twin Falls Sheriff's Office announced that two more passengers tried to bring handguns on their carry-on bags. That brings it to a total of 31 different times just this year that people have tried to bring a gun on with their carry-on bag. The TSA officials will confiscate the gun. That is illegal, however, there is a legal way to fly with a gun on a commercial flight.

How to legally travel with a firearm

If you want to bring your firearm with you on a trip on a commercial airline you must make sure the gun is unloaded, including the magazine, secure the gun in a hard case, and then you can store it in a checked bag. If you do plan on bringing and traveling with a gun, you should also go to the ticket counter when you get to the airport and let them know that you are traveling with a weapon.

It happens often enough that if you travel through the Boise Airport you can see signs all over the place that say to keep your firearm in your vehicle. I love Idaho.

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