We are almost into 2020, that is the year of perfect vision right? So how about we see these crazy things that happened in the last 10 years and keep them in the past where they belong. Here are a bunch of viral things that need to stay in 2019.

Please don't let these trends follow us into 2020.


  • The Keke Challenge - stop getting out of a moving vehicle and filming it
  • Fire Challenge - I can't believe I have to say this but can we please stop lighting ourselves on fire for internet fame?
  • Milk Chugging Challenge - this is an oldie but goodie that keeps coming back. No you can't drink a gallon of milk in an hour without puking.
  • Cinnamon Challenge - another old one that keeps resurfacing, eating a tablespoon of cinnamon in one sitting is going to make your mouth dry and you could actually suffocate.
  • The Choking Challenge - this is dangerous. Choking yourself until you pass out is not a good idea. Please kids don't do it.
  • Lip Challenge - people sucking the air out of glasses to make their lips look plump, bad idea. It can actually cause sensation in your lips to die.


  • Tide Pods - you shouldn't have to be told this but Tide Pods are not candy, they can kill you, please stop eating them.
  • Snorting Condoms - this was a thing that has happened for the last few years. Not only is it a choking hazard but it's gross.
  • Snorting Smarties - so many kids were doing this, the Smarties candies were either banned or parents were sent letters letting them know it was happening at schools.


  • Making Stupid People Famous - most of these trends wouldn't be popular if we didn't make stupid people famous by watching them do stupid things.
  • VSCO Girls - this is the fashion trend that can stay in 2019. Though there is nothing really dangerous or bad about it, that is just a lot of scrunchies.
  • Gender Reveal Parties - they are just kind of getting out of hand.
  • Face Taping - people tape their face to look all distorted and take selfies, why? I don't know.
  • Baby Shark - I don't even have kids and I would be ok with never hearing that song again
  • Tik Tok - an app that can be entertaining to watch, a lot of people do some pretty dumb things on it. Have fun with it, don't go crazy.
  • Mo Mo - it is actually a fake viral sensation stating a creepy face tries to get you to kill yourself. It's not funny to make light of situations like this, it is creepy, please stop.


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