A northern Idaho boy has tied a state catch and release fishing record for Idaho after spending nearly an hour reeling in a sturgeon that measured just shy of 120 inches.

While under the instruction of his father and a guide from Jones Sport Fishing of Deary, Idaho, 12-year-old Tyler Grimshaw cemented himself into state record books after hooking and successfully reeling in a 9-foot, 11-inch sturgeon. State fishermen are calling the accomplishment a once-in-a-lifetime catch.

Grimshaw initially caught the massive fish several days ago, but it has taken additional time for Idaho officials to investigate and validate that the haul had indeed equaled the state record. The fish was measured multiple times and confirmed to have tied the Gem State mark. The three were out fishing on the Snake River when Tyler hooked the whopper of a fish.

In 2021, just a few hours north of Deary and over the border into Canada, an 11-foot, six-inch sturgeon was caught on the Fraser River in British Columbia by anglers that ended up being a regional record-breaker. It took the Canadian fisherman nearly 30 minutes to haul it in.

Sturgeon thrive in large, freshwater lakes and rivers, but can also live in saltwater and are known to be caught in the ocean, according to facts shared at a-z animals.com. They can swallow large salmon whole, and can weigh anywhere between 200 and 2,000 pounds. The fish can grow to be close to 20 feet in length.

Congratulation to Tyler for hauling in this incredible sturgeon.

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