I love living here. I never want to leave. And I understand why some people decide to never leave. That being said, there are a few ways to tell if someone has grown up in Twin Falls Idaho.

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  • 1

    They know every county by song

    Driving around Twin Falls you can tell where a person is from based on their license place. 2T is Twin Falls obviously, and each number and letter correlates with a county. If you aren't sure which county someone is from, ask a person who grew up in Twin Falls. They will sing you the Idaho County Song putting all the counties in alphabetical order. I need to learn this song.

  • 2

    Everywhere they go they ask for fry sauce

    Even if they leave the state of Idaho for some vacation time or whatever, you can tell someone grew up here because they don't really ask for anything but fry sauce. Can you blame them?

  • 3

    They remember the "real" singing bridge

    The story of the singing bridge is pretty great. They determined the bridge wasn't safe and so they tried to blow it up so they could rebuild it. It took like 3 times and lots of dynamite to actually blow it up.

  • 4

    They remember Dale's Dogs

    I was talking with someone at the park the other day and she was asking me if I remember Dale's Dogs. I really wish I had because it sounds phenomenal. I have heard of it but never got the privilege. However, many people who grew up here remember it fondly.

  • 5

    They know all the "Secret" Spots

    And there are a lot of them. Secret camping spots, secret fishing spots, secret hunting spots. And they keep them secret.

  • 6

    The don't flinch at the BASE jumpers

    Newbies to the area are completely astounded by the BASE jumpers. And don't get me wrong the people who grew up here love to watch them too, but it is just normal here. It is stranger to find someone NOT BASE jumping on a beautiful day

  • 7

    All the Huckleberries

    They have huckleberry flavored everything. Jam, butter, ice cream, vodka, lemonade. It is the best

  • 8

    They miss the Downtown fountain

    There was a fountain in Downtown Twin Falls that the kids used to play on sometimes. It was a rock fountain and it was really pretty cool. The fountain was taken out around 2014

  • 9

    They miss the Treasure Cove

    It was an arcade back in the day. Apparently everyone loved it.

  • 10

    They know where "air conditioner rock" is

    I have had the privilege of hanging out at "air conditioner rock". At least that is what some of the people who grew up here told me it was called and it makes sense. It literally feels like an air conditioner when you sit next to the hole.

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