If you are looking for some places to go on a day trip, maybe go swimming or fishing, these lakes are perfect. They are close enough for a day trip and can be a lot of fun. These lakes are anywhere from 30 minutes to about 3 hours away.

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Dierkes Lake is great and all but sometimes you want to go out of your comfort zone and check out a few other places.

  • 1

    Red Fish Lake

    One of the furthest places to travel on the list but so worth it. The water is beautiful and, cold, but fishing is great. It can be pretty packed though.

  • 2

    Lucky Peak Reservoir

    I have never personally been here but I have heard some great things about it. Right at 2 hours away it would be perfect for a day trip of fishing or swimming.

  • 3

    Penny Lake

    About an hour and 45 minutes away, Penny Lake is on my list of places to go this summer. Everything I have found on it looks pretty great.

  • 4

    Anderson Ranch

    Also right at about 2 hours away, Anderson Ranch Reservoir is a really fun place tucked in between some mountains. The fishing is fun, the water is cold and there is some great boating out there.

  • 5

    Box Canyon

    A little over 30 minutes away, Box Canyon is a great little hike and even cooler place to see. You can get in the water if you are ok with the cold.

  • 6

    Lake Cleveland

    About an hour and a half away from Twin Falls, this place is gorgeous. There are lots of trees, good fishing, fun to swim in and a nice reprieve from hot sun on warm summer days. I love this place.

  • 7

    CJ Strike Reservoir

    I absolutely love going to CJ Strike. There is some really fun fishing if you like crappie and it is fun to play in. There are some decent camping areas and covered barbecue spots too.

  • 8

    Lake Walcott

    About an hour and 45 minutes away, Lake Walcott has a lot for everyone. There is a park right there, places to swim and fish. Places to go kayaking too. And covered areas if you want to have lunch or a picnic.

  • 9

    Magic Reservoir

    Only about 30 minutes away it is a nice little get away. It can get hot and the water can get those algae blooms but it can still be a lot of fun. I really enjoy fishing here

  • 10

    Murtaugh Lake

    It can be hard to get to sometimes if you follow your GPs but it is only about a half an hour away. I know people who like to take their boat out there because it is close and easy to get in and out of with the family

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