There is an area outside of Castleford that apparently has what is called "Rock Art". If you just happen to come upon it, it just looks like a normal field, but from a birds eye view it is so much more!

YouTuber Hey Arnel stopped by to take drone footage of it, and it is amazing.

He is claiming it is aliens. I mean, maybe, there is no saying it isn't possible. However, there are also some rumors going around that it was created by some boy scouts back in the 50s. Does anyone know for sure?

rock art

The road looks pretty bad to get there. You definitely need a truck and something that gives you a birds eye view of the area. It was pretty cool of Arnel to compose some video of it so you don't have to try to trek it yourself.

It does make you wonder what all the designs are about. What kind of design would you make if you headed that way?

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