Seriously, law makers need to start listening to the people. I am not sure that I have ever known someone who actually enjoys the time change. And this Saturday/Sunday or whatever it is happening again.

Don't forget to "spring" your clocks forward this Saturday night/Sunday morning, whenever you decide to do it because if you don't you will be late to work Monday. There are a couple of states who have it all figured out, like Arizona. They don't change their clocks. They all seem like normal people, for the most part. Why can't we follow their lead? Hawaii also doesn't change their clocks. How can a place so beautiful be doing it wrong? Obviously, they know something we don't.

There is a petition going around right now requesting that Daylight Saving be abolished and it was created by a doctor through He even sites health reasons as to why it does more harm than good. If you want to sign the petition just click here.

Sure I am all for canceling the time change. It was a practice that was originally enacted to try to conserve coal but now it really has no purpose other than screwing up your sleep schedule. I have heard farmers talk about how bad it actually is for their livestock. When will the chaos end?!

And if you are one of those people who actually enjoy the time change, sorry we are trying to stop it. There is nothing else to see here, please don't hate us.

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