This MIGHT make you head out during lunch and spend real money on a good pair of shoes.  Because people are SECRETLY JUDGING YOU by the shoes you wear . . . and they're judging you ACCURATELY.

A new study from Medical Daily out of the University of Kansas found that people could guess someone's age, gender, income, political beliefs, and personality traits with 90% ACCURACY . . . JUST by looking at their shoes.

People tended to correctly associate expensive shoes with wealthier people . . . flashy and colorful shoes with extroverts and younger people . . . and shoes that looked old but taken care of with responsible people.

Some less obvious connections:  People with practical shoes tended to be more agreeable . . . people wearing boots were more aggressive . . . and people in shoes that looked uncomfortable were generally calmer.

The researchers say this shows you probably SHOULD give some thought to your shoes because, quote, "[They] serve a practical purpose, [but] also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages" about who you are.