State Representative Chad Christensen is making headlines for having a sense of humor and giving bunny ears to fellow Idaho Representative Randy Armstrong. You can tell he was trying to figure out exactly how to pull it off and how to keep from bursting into laughter.

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Christensen apparently has refused to comment on the situation but I think he should. I mean there was nothing malicious about what he did and let's be honest, it was funny. Who hasn't wanted to or done something like this before?!  Maybe because he is in a position of power he should have taken it more seriously. Maybe because it was distracting from the message people are really mad at it.

I don't know. I am a pretty immature person and I find this pretty funny. Chances are the representative he put the bunny ears on is a friend of his. Him trying to keep from bursting into laughter is also relatable.

I am a little curious if something like this would prevent you from voting for him or anyone really. Playing a joke while the session was being recorded is it just too unprofessional for politics or is it harmless good fun? I might be more inclined to vote for someone who has some fun at work even if they don't appear to take every bit of their job seriously.

I am curious to see what he has to say about the incident so

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