It seems like the next big tech thing is wearable technology. From Google Glass to the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, tech companies are betting that we want more than just a smart phone, we want something we can wear on our bodies. And they may be right.

Earlier this week, Samsung showed off their newest toy, the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Featuring a 1.6 inch touch screen, this wearable smart computer will show the latest notifications from your smartphone like messages, emails, phone calls, and Facebook updates.

But there are many who say wearable tech just raises more concerns. We already have Internet Addicts and people who are attached to their smartphones night and day... so what if you're always wearing your device? Do you let technology intrude on your life non-stop?

Personally, I'm excited about the idea of a smartwatch. I've had a Pebble on pre-order for months now, and I think the Kreyos Meteor sounds incredible. There are plenty of times where I would like to glance at my watch to know what notifications I have rather than grab my iPhone. It just makes sense to me.

What do you think?