I hate ATM Fees.  I mean, I understandy why a machine charges the fee.  The owner of the machine and the service wouldn't make a dime if they didn't dink you every time you took out 20 bucks.

It just seems that I'm nowhere near one of my bank's ATMs when I really need one so I wind up coughing up around two to four dollars just to pull out twenty; and the fees can add up.

There's a company out of New York called Free ATMs NYC, and they set up ATMs that don't charge you a fee to take out cash.  Instead, you watch a quick commercial on the ATM screen.

In other words, they believe that people HATE ATM fees SO much, they'd rather subject themselves to 30 seconds of advertising.  And they might be right.

So far, they've set up a few ATMs and have a couple smaller advertisers signed on.  But if they start catching on, you COULD see ads replacing fees all over the country.

What would you do?  Would you rather pay a fee or watch a commercial?