Have you ever bought clothes, kept the tags on them while you wore them out . . . then returned them?  If you're a man, probably not.  If you're a woman . . . yeah, there's a decent chance you have.  Even though that's dirty. 

According to a new survey, about one out of every eight women say yeah, they've bought some expensive clothes, worn them out, then returned them the next day.

The authors of the survey say the actual number is probably even higher . . . these were just the 12.5% of women willing to admit it.

Of the women who admitted to doing that, about half say the main motivation was the money . . . they couldn't afford to keep the clothes.  About one in five say they like to do it for the RUSH . . . it's like stealing, but feels less risky.

Women are most likely to buy an outfit for a WEDDING, wear it once, then return it.  Christenings are second, black tie events are third, and Christmas parties are fourth.

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