What would you do? If you have shoveled your driveway, making it as good as you can, and hours later watch your neighbor toss snow into your tracks and onto your driveway? You put in the time and effort, watch them struggle, and toss their snow into your hard work. There are multiple options for a follow-up, but which do you choose?

Throwing Snow Into Your Neighbors Yard

If your neighbor has tossed snow into your yard or driveway, the quickest and most natural reaction is to throw it back into theirs. This might be an immature response, but it also may be the one that feels the most right as well. It would solve your problem but may start a feud with your neighbor as well. They did it first, so it seems ok to do it back but should you be the bigger person? They will most likely toss it back your way soon, and then nobody is progressing anywhere.

Confront Your Neighbor On Snow Etiquette

Spencer Platt, Getty Images
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Taking the high road and adult way would be to approach your neighbor and bring to their attention that they should throw their snow into their yard or elsewhere, and not right where you have previously scooped. This could lead to a yelling match, uneasiness, and slight confrontation. It is not easy to approach a person when angry, upset, and calling them out for their doing. It could also be very civil and they may apologize with no harm done. While not a fun choice, this is a practical one.

Letting Your Neighbor Shovel Their Snow Onto Your Property

If you are someone that is nonconfrontational and the snow doesn't bother you, then maybe your best solution is to just let it go, and just re-shovel your driveway and put it where you put the rest of your snow. This would avoid anyone being mad or having awkward conversations, but it would not stop your neighbor from doing it in the future. Is it best to stop it right away, or just let it continue to happen and double your work?

Help Your Neighbor Shovel Their Driveway

The high road would be to go help your neighbor shovel their driveway. It prevents them from throwing it into your yard, puts you on good terms, and helps them out all in one action. This means more work for you, but it is taking the best route in terms of being a good neighbor. 

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This happened to me, and I did not take the right approach. I threw it back into his yard, even after he walked out and watched me from his front porch. It was the immature route, but it felt good. Did I choose the right way to go? No, it was an unethical and low move to do. I tried to add to his pile in the beginning, but it was taking up too much room in my driveway. I may have acted wrong, but what would you do? 

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