Being Boo-ed at Halloween
If you live in Twin Falls, you've probably been "Boo-ed" around Halloween time. Getting "Boo-ed" can be fun, but some people are extremely annoyed by it.
Christmas Lights
It's no secret that kids love Christmas lights. To be honest, if it wasn't for our children a lot of us may never put up Christmas lights.
The Top 10 Reasons People Hate Their Neighbors
I like to think my neighbors like me, but maybe I am making them very angry. According to a new survey from Daily Mail, 60% of people say they don't get along with at least one of their neighbors.  The top five reasons why are:  They block your driveway . . . they park in your spot . . . their dog b…
Are We Less Neighborly Than We Were 50 Years Ago? [POLL]
Dorothy Custer just turned 102 and to celebrate she based jumped off the Perrine Bridge on the Snake River Canyon. We all can agree that Dorothy is an awesome lady and someone we could all learn something from. In a recent interview she was asked what is different in today's world verse the wor…
Would It Bother You If Your Neighbors Had Chickens?
It is hard to save money while eating healthy. Organic products are more expensive, fruits and vegetables can be expensive too. My family always plants a garden to try and save money during the summer on fruits and vegetables, some people are even growing their own beef and raising their own chicken…
How Late Is To Late, To Mow Your Yard? [POLL]
I try to mow our lawn every Thursday night becasue our garbage gets picked up every Friday morning. And some nights I don't get around to mowing the grass until 9:00 so by the time I am done it is close to 10:00 or after 10:00.
What Annoys You Most About Your Neigbors? [POLL]
I read a study this morning that said messy yards are people's number one complaint about their neigbors. I am not sure if this is true because I have had some great neigbors who kept a messy yard. I think my number one compalint would be my neigbors not picking up after their dog...
Do Your Neighbors Hate You?
Brad thinks his neighbors dislike him because every time he waves at them they don't wave back but he isn't sure why they would hate him. He doesn't recall doing anything that would make them hate him.
People Admit They Steal Their Neighbor’s Wi-Fi
Do you have a password on your Internet connection at home?  I'm guessing a few of you are saying "yes" . . . more of you are saying "um, maybe?" . . . and plenty of you are saying "thank goodness my neighbors don't use a password on theirs."
According to a new nationwid…