Fast food isn’t always the most popular choice for diners. Some people opt for a sit-down slower experience. Some hungry humans have been known to cook at home. Fast food may be slowing down in popularity.

In May, Burger King announced plans to shut down up to 400 locations this fiscal year. There were many closures in March and April. The fiscal year ended in October, so does this mean the total for 2024 will be higher or is the 'up to' over?

Why is Burger King Closing So Many Locations?

Paying employees more for a living wage is not unreasonable, but the money has to come from somewhere. Costs for all products have seen a drastic increase as well. Burger King, along with most other restaurants, has been forced to raise prices to make up the difference. Consumers don’t want to pay higher prices and have shown reluctance to buy as much fast food. Eventually, locations that underperform have been forced to close.

Older locations that have underperformed as well as others whose franchisees went bankrupt are among those on the chopping block. Burger King expects to possibly lose as many locations in this purge as it lost during the pandemic.

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In March and April, EYM King of Michigan closed 26 locations in Michigan.
Meridian Restaurants Unlimited declared bankruptcy in March which led to 9 closures in Minnesota, 9 locations in Utah, 3 in Montana, 3 in Nebraska, and single locations in North Dakota, Wyoming, and Kansas. Florida had 2 recent departures, and New York just lost a location as well.

Are Any Future Closures of Burger King Happening in Idaho?

There has been no word of pending closures, but the total may rise by the end of the year. Considering Burger King said ‘up to 400’, that’s a window left open. They didn’t say how far up the up-to would go.

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