Everyone has to eat, and nothing is more American to eat than a hamburger. There are different ways to make them, and everyone has their preference on how they want the meat made, what toppings they want, and what makes the perfect burger. There are certain places that people enjoy going to get a hamburger, and an argument has long taken place about who has the best hamburger in the country. While the debate may never be resolved, according to one study, there is one place that most Americans think has the best hamburger when it comes to fast food.

Who Has The Best Fast Food Hamburger?

Burger King
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When it comes to fast food hamburgers, everyone has their favorite, but according to worldtraveling.com, America has one place they prefer to get the best hamburgers. The list ranked the best fast food places for burgers, and luckily, Twin Falls is home to the top three. Coming in at third is Jack-In-The-Box, with Burger King being voted the second-best hamburger. The fast food chain voted the best hamburger, might be a bit surprising, but The Habit took the crown. If you haven't been to the one in Twin Falls, you may want to check it out soon. 

Fast Food Burgers in the Magic Valley


There are many options to choose from when it comes to hamburgers, and the results are slightly surprising. Some of the more well-known and popular options did not crack the top 5. Notice there is no McDonald's, no In-N-Out, and no Five Guys at the top of the list. To see the full list, make sure to click the link in the paragraph above. There are 27 fast-food chains on the list. 

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The next time you are craving a hamburger but don't know which place to go to, start with this list and try them all out. Perhaps you will disagree, or maybe, you will find out you have been missing out on one of the better ones in town. Congratulations to The Habit on having the best fast-food burger in America.

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