Plenty of honorable days pass people by without much fanfare. But sometimes, a celebration comes along that everyone can truly support. What better praise for the croissant is there than uninhibited guilt-free consumption?

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People can buy them from a bakery or order them at restaurants. Families can pop open a can of pre-made dough to bake themselves. They are so versatile, they can be eaten during any meal of the day, or as a late-night snack. Show respect for this pastry of the people by eating one on January 30th, National Croissant Day.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Anyone able to eat bread can find love in the croissant. This versatile French puff pastry can be dipped, frosted, or pulled apart and eaten plain. Sweet or savory, the croissant can compliment any meal, or be part of the main dish. The croissant can be used to make pigs in a blanket, cinnamon rolls, or a taco ring. It can be sliced in half and used to sandwich just about anything.

How to Celebrate National Croissant Day for One Cent

Burger King is working hard to help you by offering their delectable Croissan’wich for only a penny. You need to order ahead online or on their app, then order something for a dollar and the tasty Croissan’wich can be yours for just a penny. Maybe order some hash browns and the buttery croissant costs a cent more. Choose yours with ham, bacon, or sausage. There is no judgment here. Your breakfast is your choice. Saving you money on National Croissant Day is theirs.

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