When looking for a new job, one of the things many people are excited to find out is what types of benefits they will get. How many days of paid time off (PTO) will they get, and how many sick days, does it roll over, or is it use it or lose it? Many companies are similar in these categories, but depending on where you live, there should be an added benefit that isn't granted at this point. All Idaho companies and businesses may need to update their time off for employees, and adding this new stipulation, it could make for happier employees and a better work environment.

Idaho Companies Need to Grant Weather Days

Credit: megaflopp
Credit: megaflopp

While paid time off and sick days are nice, when living in Idaho there are days that people need and want to stay home due to the weather. Schools allow students to have snow days, so why can't employees have weather days? Most businesses are understanding of letting employees work from home or have a day off if snow and ice are too bad, but if you take the day off you have to use your PTO. What if companies decided to give their employees three to five weather days to stay home? These could be used on snow days, because it is cold and you don't want to leave the bed, because it is raining and you don't want to drive in it, or because it is too hot to be in an office and you want to be in a pool in the summer time. It would raise employee morale and more time off is always appreciated. 

How Weather Days Would Work

Credit: Etienne Girardet on Unsplash
Credit: Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

If companies would adopt the weather day concept, it wouldn't be hard to figure out. Choose a certain number of days through the year, likely between three to five, and when an employee uses a weather day, they must click on a box or write in a comment section the justification for the weather day, such as hot, cold, snow, rain, or whatever reason to justify it. If there is big snow that the roads are too bad, the employee should have the option to work from home, or if they don't want to work that day they use a weather day instead of a sick day or their PTO. Employees enjoy it because they save their time off for a real illness and vacation. Companies may not appreciate giving their employees extra time off and paying them without work being done, but in states like Idaho, where the weather is unpredictable, it should be considered. 

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We all have those days where the weather is so nice we don't want to be in the office or the sky is so gloomy you can't stop yawning. On these days typically employees aren't as motivated and productive, so instead of having them at work, let them use a weather day without worrying about losing that precious time off they accumulate. This idea will likely never come to be, but one can hope that weather days become a thing of the future in Idaho. 

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