This appears at first glance, a very easy thing to determine. You may be surprised how difficult this is.

1.) What kind of poop is that?!

  • Parent - trying to determine if your creature created this
  • Hunter - trying to determine if your creature created this

2.) Why do I have to get up so early?

  • Parent - on every day off and especially Christmas
  • Hunter - getting to where you need to go before first light, that's why

3.) Where are all these tracks coming from?

  • Parent - dirty feet, is it poop, mud, leftovers from dinner the night before all over the house?
  • Hunter - where are these animals bedding down at?! I need to know!

4.) What is that smell?

  • Parent - dirty diapers, playing in manure, did these kids play with a skunk?!
  • Hunter - have you ever hit a gut bag?

5.) You need to be quiet!

  • Parent - in a movie theater, at a nice dinner; pretty much anywhere in public where a kid gets anxious and wants to be a kid
  • Hunter - Seriously! Shut up! The animals are going to hear you!

See, it's harder that it looks. Spoiler Alert: these phrases have been said by both hunters and parents.

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