Thanksgiving weekend is here and while many are excited to enjoy time with their families, scream at their TVs while watching football, and stuff their faces with food, there is more to the holiday weekend than all of that. There is also shopping. Black Friday is a major part of the holiday weekend and is a tradition for many families. Some people choose to avoid it altogether, while others game plan weeks and even months in advance. With Black Friday around the corner, where is the place where you get the best deal and save the most money, and where should you start when it comes to Black Friday shopping?

The Best Place to Black Friday Shop in Idaho

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When it comes to Black Friday deals, certain places offer better deals than others, helping you save more money. WalletHub recently released a list of the places that offer the best discounts this year and ranked the stores based on average discounts over the last several years. According to their study, JC Penney offers the biggest discounts on the popular shopping day. The second place with the biggest discounts, sadly is no longer in Twin Falls, is Macy's. The next store, rounding out the top three is also not in the area, and that is Belk. Depending on what type of items you are looking for, depends on which store has the best deals though. 

The Best Deals for Certain Items on Black Friday

Black Friday Starts Early As Shoppers Hit The Stores On Thanksgiving Night
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If you are looking for apparel or accessories, stick with JC Penney, but for electronics, the best in the area will be Kohl's, with Newegg being the best overall. There are great options in Twin Falls for those looking for computers and phones, with Kohl's being the best, and Best Buy being second. Unfortunately, Macy's is the best for toys, but JC Penney is second best, and for consumer packaged goods, look to Kohl's, since no Macy's is in the area. For those looking at furniture, Macy's once again is on top of the list, but surprisingly, Target is second, making it the place to go in the Magic Valley. To see the full list of best stores for certain items, make sure to click the link in the paragraph above. 

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While Black Friday isn't something everyone enjoys, it is hard to deny that the deals are good and that saving money is the objective during the holidays. Take advantage of the deals this year and this list, and make sure to get the biggest discounts you can find. Have fun and be safe this shopping season, and good luck with finding those amazing deals.

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