What would you do? What would you do if you had to move away from Idaho, where would you go? Which state would you choose to move to and why? Nobody wants to leave Idaho, but thinking of where to move could be fun. Would you stick with a similar landscape? Would you want to stay near the mountains? Would you choose to go closer to a beach? There are plenty of options, and while asking which state seems logical, what if you decided now is the time to move to a new country? If you were to move away from Idaho, what would you do?

Moving Out of Idaho

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If forced to leave the Gem State, many would be bummed, but where would you want to go? With so many from the West Coast moving to Idaho, would you turn around and head back in that direction if you are from there, and if not from there, would you explore the area to stay in the region? If you want to stay in a similar landscape, northern Utah makes sense, Montana, or even Wyoming. If you want to go to a bigger area, maybe Salt Lake City makes sense, Portland, or Seattle. If those cities are too big there are other options in the region. 

The Best State Outside of Idaho

Credit: Handiwork NYC on Unsplash
Credit: Handiwork NYC on Unsplash

What state would be the best to move to? What is your priority? Is it landscape, cost, close to the area, or a place you have always dreamed about? Going to the coast would be nice, but it is more expensive. Going inland can be more affordable, but less mountainous. If you are a farmer, sticking to the middle part of the country makes more sense. If you like colder weather, sticking near the mountains or the north makes sense, or perhaps you will take the chance to finally get to warm weather like Nevada or Arizona. Do you have a state you have dreamed about? For me, it would be North Carolina. What is yours? 

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Hopefully, none of us are forced to move out of Idaho anytime soon, but if you do, where is the place to go? Go back to your previous state, move to a state you have always wanted to live in, or panic because you have never been anywhere else are all options. If forced to move out of Idaho, what would you do?

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