A few days ago we were stumped for dinner ideas and everything we had in our house seemed like we something we had just had. We were burned out on what we had and really needed to get out of the house. So we decided we would go fishing and the kids could catch their dinner. Luckily we picked a good spot and were able to catch enough big fish to make for a nice meal. Sadly, if this were centuries ago I would have starved. Everyone caught fish except me.

Idaho Tagged Fish

We were extra surprised to catch a fish with an orange tag attached to the back fin. At first we thought it was one of those fish that had been caught already and got away with the person's tackle. Once we looked at it and talked to a guy fishing a few yards away from us, we realized we had an opportunity to maybe win a prize. When we got home we entered the tag info on the Idaho Fish and Game website and found that our tagged fish was not a reward fish. Our tag only had numbers on it and the reward fish actually have the word reward on the tag.

After filling out the tag information we were informed that we had the option to receive info about the origin of the fish, when it had been placed in the lake, and how big it was when they tagged it. If you catch a fish with a tag you can enter the details on the Idaho Fish and Game website.

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