When Idaho needs a break during the summer, we often turn to the outdoors. Getting away from computer and phone screens is good for the brain. Fresh air and sunlight are good for the body. But sometimes it can be frustrating when the belly is empty from not catching anything. Aside from watching videos as to what bait to use, who can help?

Idaho Fish and Game Wants to Help You Get Lucky.

Idaho Fish and Game stocks many types of fish in different areas over the course of the summer. Of the over 30 million fish stocked, rainbow trout and kokanee salmon are the most popular variety to be released, but other species that have been stocked in the past are walleye, catfish, and tiger muskie.

What Idaho Locations Have Been Stocked So Far and Where is Next?

Many areas have already been stocked this summer and should be ready for great catching.

The Magic Valley has seen over 13,000 10 to 12-inch rainbow trout stocked thus far. This week, look for trucks to drop off 4,350 trout at Big Trinity Lake, Freedom Park Pond, Hagerman WMA, Little Trinity Lake, and Warm Springs Creek.

In the Southwest Region, over 15,500 fish have already been stocked. The Middle and North Fork Payette River, North Fork Boise River, Silver Creek, Tripod Reservoir, Wilson Springs, and Warren Dredge Pond are set to get stocked with over 6,500 fish from July 24th through the 28th.

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Get ready to go camping and prepare for a trout dinner.

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