Over the last few months, it seems that moose have been making their way into towns across the Magic Valley and Idaho more and more. It isn't uncommon to see a story pop up weekly about another moose entering town. Are they low on food? Are they really bad with directions? What is causing these moose to come into town, and when they do what is the best way to react? There were a few moose spotted recently in the Magic Valley and their behavior and location are what caught everyone's attention.

Young Moose Near Burley

Idaho Fish and Game
Idaho Fish and Game

Two moose were spotted around Burley in the last week, in two different occurrences. Both moose were what you would call yearlings, meaning they were around a year old, which might be why these moose are coming into town. Idaho Fish and Game explained to me that when young moose leave mama, they can often get confused and wander into towns or locations they aren't supposed to be as they learn to survive on their own. While seeing yearlings enter town happens a few times throughout the year, it is what happens once they enter town that will usually grab headlines, or make it seem like just another sighting. 

Moose Agitated in Burley and One Almost Enters the Interstate

Nikki Sixx captures video of moose on his Jackson property
Nikki Sixx via Instagram

On June 25 a young moose was spotted approaching Interstate 84 near the Burley exit and with it being a weekend, traffic was heavy. The moose thank goodness never made it to the interstate, but when Fish and Game approached it to move it, the young moose became aggressive. The animal began to get too close to people and vehicles and ran through parts of towns it shouldn't be in. Fish and Game felt it had no other option but to put it down. The following day another young moose decided to make a trek near the interstate near Burley, but this one ended much better with the animal being captured and rehomed. 

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Odds are high these won't be the last sightings this summer and it is best to remember to not approach these animals if you see them around town. As the first one demonstrated, they can be aggressive animals and as they get scared they become more dangerous. Make sure to contact Idaho Fish and Game, so they can safely remove the animal with minimal damage done. Be safe and keep your eyes open for them when in the Burley area, as that seems to be their desired destination at this moment. 

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