The first time I heard about St Jude is when my grandmother sent me a Christmas card that said, "Instead of getting you a Christmas present this year, I gave a donation to the sick babies at St Jude in your name." I quickly learned, that while I was busy growing up, a lot of other children were not only sick but fighting for their lives.

Childhood cancer is devastating. I can barely say the two words (child) and (cancer) in the same sentence. As a mother it is my job to protect my kids from bee stings, moving cars, sunburns, etc. Cancer is not something I can protect them from, and it kills me. Being a Partner In Hope is the only thing I can's the only thing we, as a community can do. Thank you to all of the Partners In Hope that give generously every month. If you aren't a Partner In Hope this is your opportunity. 1-800-343-9077 or give online.