If you've been to the City of Rocks, you know this rock is one of the most iconic in the park. But, have you ever wondered exactly what it's like to climb Skyline? Now, you can thanks to a brand new video that was just shared.

Luis Gil just shared this on YouTube. This climb was obviously done earlier this year when we weren't freezing. But, it's a great first-person perspective of what it looks like to make your way up this peak.

Skyline is not for the faint of heart. Climbing.com ranks it a 5.8 with some very tricky sections. They described it this way:

Aptly named, Skyline ascends Morning Glory Spire’s northeastern ridge for approximately 100 feet to the tower’s sloping, pocked summit, which is big enough to get cozy on with a couple of friends.

Luis finally makes to the top at around the half hour mark. It's at this point that he stabilizes his foothold and looks around so you can see what the world looks like from what is basically the top of the City of Rocks.

I know I couldn't be as calm as Luis on a climb like this. Understatement of the year since I would have been screaming for help at around the 10 foot mark. He does a lot of climbing around the Pacific Northwest, so follow him on YouTube if ascents like this are your thing.

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