For fans of the outdoors that enjoy great views but don't necessarily take well to strenuous hikes, there's a peak trail located 65 miles southeast of Twin Falls that is as non-strenuous as they come. The payoff also happens to be incredible.

Standing at just a bit over 10,000 feet, Cache Peak can be found in south-central Idaho. It's listed as a Class 2 climb, which in the mountaineering community means very little effort is needed to complete the ascent. Cache Peak (10,339 feet) is the tallest in the Albion Mountains.

I've been hiking for more than 30 years, but nothing I'd consider to be that strenuous. I nearly summited Yosemite National Park's Half Dome some years back, but a storm system passing through the area caused some in our party to have to abandon efforts. Half Dome is considered a difficult climb, but is more than 1,200 feet shorter in height than Cache Peak. To complete the Half Dome climb, a permit is needed these days.

Cache Peak's neighboring mountain summit, Mount Independence (9.950 feet) is an equally easy climb. This region of the Albion range offers non-experienced climbers some very real summiting opportunities. Both climbs will take the average person less than five hours to complete, and are less than seven miles in total.

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Castle Rocks State Park and Independence Lakes are some landmarks you'll be able to easily identify from either peak. The best time to climb in this mountain range is between May and November, when it's less likely to encounter snow.

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