It seems like common sense, but sometimes we need a reminder. A bit of review may be in order so your dishes can perform at their peak. No need to make things wear out early, or ruin altogether. Dishwashers are big and tough. Some of your dishes, not so much.

What Can Go In a Dishwasher, But Shouldn’t

Pressure Cooker Lids - Have you seen the videos of lids on pressure cookers? Oh, the humanity! You wanna take the chance you put everything back on right, or that the pieces don’t get damaged?

Aluminum, Copper, or Precious Metals - No more shiny pretty pots. Dishwasher bad.

Nonstick Pans and Air Fryer Baskets - They’re nonstick. How hard is it to just wash them?

Things That Should Never Go In the Dishwasher, Ever

Wooden Items - What once was flat, it now is warped.

Knives - Dull equals bad choppy choppy. Loose handles equal droppy droppy. Can you say emergency room visit boys and girls?

Cast Iron - Treated right, cast iron can last forever. How do you feel about rust? Leave them out of the dishwasher, then.

Potatoes or Other Foods - How did this happen? What genius says, ‘Oh, sure let's put veggies in the dishwasher’? Doesn’t that take forever longer than a brush off under the faucet?

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It is too easy to put things in the dishwasher. Just this once, right? It is really dirty, or a pain to wash and you just want life to be simple for once. Throw it in and everything will be fine, right? No! Suck it up, you’re going to wash these by hand and be thankful you did.

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