Wendy's, the fast-food chain, has announced that they will be introducing a breakfast menu nationwide on March 2nd so mark your calendars.

Whether you love or hate Wendy's food, you have to love whoever runs their social media accounts. They are hilarious and quite genius. Wendy's has announced that come March 2nd every single person in the United States will have the ability to purchase breakfast from Wendy's in a pretty epic way.



That is a hilarious tweet. Anyway, on their new breakfast menu will be a Breakfast Baconator, which is obvious by the short video you likely just watched. There will also be a honey butter chicken biscuit, a sausage and bacon version of biscuit sandwiches, a sausage and a bacon version of sandwiches on buns as well as some croissant sandwiches. The croissant sandwich I want is the maple bacon chicken croissant. That sounds delicious.

Apparently some of their breakfast sides will include a sausage egg and cheese burrito, a biscuit and sausage gravy, a plain biscuit, a sausage biscuit, some seasoned potatoes, oatmeal and seasonal fruit.

March 2nd is a Monday so mark your calendars. Wendy's is officially part of the fast-food breakfast hustle.

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