For the past couple of summers in Twin Falls, we've seen BASE jumpers really step their game up when it comes to finding new ways to wow onlookers. A new vantage point from an old jump off the roof of a truck really shows just how hairy of a stunt this was.

Since 2016, I've seen a couple of videos from jumps off of moving vehicles, which of course should never be attempted due to the high risk involved. I'm pretty sure it's frowned upon by local law enforcement too.

The first example I found of a person taking the jump off the Perrine Bridge from a moving vehicle happened in July of 2016. I know the stunt was attempted again in 2018, but if memory serves me, it was three people that took the dangerous leap that day.

A Twin Falls BASE jump video that recently popped up on Reddit shows something most of us haven't seen yet from these attempts, and that is the view from the top of the vehicle. I must say, it's much more tense of an experience for the viewer when you see the jump from this vantage point. This is a jump that has to be timed perfectly, and losing one's footing in the process could result in a deadly outcome.

Personally, I think you have to be certifiably crazy to attempt any BASE jump, let alone one from the roof of a moving vehicle. That being said, the video is still fun to watch.

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