A video of a tour through one of Buhl's oldest landmarks shot in 2018 was recently uploaded to YouTube, and it's one of the weirdest I've ever seen.

A video shot by a group of explorers three years ago was uploaded to YouTube on May 4, 2021. The team, "539 Productions," is a group of men who investigate strange and mysterious sites throughout the United States. The particular video I came across shows the team wandering through a historic, abandoned building on Main Street in Buhl.

Although they don't disclose the exact location of the Buhl property in the 39-minute production, I believe it's the Hotel Buhl, which is a registered historic landmark in the state. Buhl is said to be home to several paranormal sites. The Hotel Buhl was built in 1908, according to historical documents.

The video is very cool, and the objects they come across are beyond strange. In one room they stumble across a collection of old animal dolls that are on a whole new level of creepy. Old furniture, clothes, pictures and other artifacts are a look back in time to the early twentieth century, when the hotel was a lively and popular tourist stop.

The video opens with some nice aerial footage of the city. City landmarks such as the Buhl West End Senior Center, and Bobbins Quilt and Sew, can be identified in the video. Although the property is not considered haunted by locals, it's still pretty creepy, and houses some interesting artifacts.

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