Say it isn't so! The Victoria's Secret and PINK in Twin Falls is permanently shut down. Thanks COVID.

Victoria's Secret and PINK have been struggling the last few years with the arrival of different bra companies online. The company had to cancel their swimsuit line for a long time and recently brought it back online and in some stores. Unfortunately, women in Twin Falls will no longer be able to go to the one that was in the Magic Valley Mall. Online it states the store in permanently closed.

If you go to Victoria's Secret website it now states the closest store for us in Boise. I am so sad that it will no longer be an option for women here. Especially since they have some great deals during their Semi Annual sale every year. I save up so much money and buy a year or two worth of bras when they have that sale.

It hasn't been explicitly stated that COVID 19 was the reason for the closure, but I imagine it was at least part of the issue. Between the struggles Victoria's Secret has been having and the fact they had to shut down their doors for so long it makes sense that it was a contributing factor.

Fortunately you can still purchase online and hopefully some other options for women will take it's place in the near future.

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