Charlotte Russe Store in Boise Mall Files Bankruptcy
We all know the days of going to the mall have changed quite a bit with the convenient trend of online shopping. Amazon changed the retail world as we knew it, but it seems like one by one the brick and mortar stores are filing for bankruptcy and disappearing.
Christmas Lights at The Mall
Everybody loves Christmas lights and we can all agree the season wouldn't be the same without them. The Magic Valley Mall has put up Christmas lights around the Mall for the past several years. This year the Magic Valley Mall will not be putting up lights.
What Store Would You Like To See in a Twin Falls Mall? [POLL]
I like shopping locally, but sometime I will make the drive to a nearby town just so I can shop at one of my favorite stores that isn't in The Magic Valley. I feel bad because I am taking my money out of the valley.
As a women, I think we all dream about what stores we would like to have out of …