I swear this stuff starts to happen every time the weather starts to get nicer. People get out and about and for some reason destroy other people's property. This time in Buhl they not only hit businesses and vehicles but also the Buhl Fire Department.

The Buhl Police Department put out a Facebook post Tuesday March 3rd that some vandals maliciously broke out windows of businesses and vehicles with projectiles. The pictures include a broken glass door from the Buhl Fire Department.

If anyone has any information about who might have done this make sure you call SIRCOMM dispatch at (208) 735-1911 and let them know.

I find someone destroying the Buhl Fire Department even more infuriating. I mean people are jerks if they break other people's property but when it is something like the Fire Department or a law enforcement agency that works so hard to keep people safe it is a different level of disrespect.

People work so hard for what they have and when vandals go around and destroy windows from businesses and vehicles it could potentially financially cripple them. You don't know their story or what they have been through. Please, if anyone knows who could have done this please let the authorities know.

With the weather warming up I feel like this is just the start of the problems. Reminder to keep valuables out of your vehicle and double check locks.

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