Another Twin Falls resident has fallen victim to vandalism. SaKota Hall's vehicle was smashed up pretty good and the windows destroyed. She is asking if you know anything to please contact authorities.

According to SaKota, the damage was done on Sunday, March 8th between midnight and 10 a.m. Three windows of the vehicle were smashed in and nothing was taken, which makes some believe it could be personal. However, SaKota is not so sure herself. She has only been here a little over two years and pretty much keeps to herself. She said she has befriended a few people over the years but doesn't believe anyone she knows would have done this.

Car vandalism

The incident happened in the area of Garibaldi's on Taylor Street. Her neighbors said they did not hear anything but authorities believe, judging by the damage, a baseball bat was used on the windows. The damage is going to set her and her husband back roughly $900.

It seems like as the weather gets nicer it is more and more likely that people's vehicles and property are getting damaged. In my neighborhood someone mentioned that their mailbox was smashed as well. I don't know if the warmer weather combined with a little cabin fever makes people believe they can be destructive or what.

However, SaKota is devastated about the damages, not only for financial reasons but because it puts everyone on edge. She said she doesn't want this to happen to anyone else. If you have any information please contact authorities.

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