Most of us have seen those pictures of animals out in the cold with a caption that reads something like 'If you're cold then they are cold. Bring them inside'. That's a nice thought for pets with owners but it doesn't do anything for the many feral cats around town. And if you have ever tried to catch a random cat then you know it is nearly impossible. You can still help those scaredy cats. One man in Utah has figured out a way to make the winter better for these wild cats and it looks like something almost anyone can do. It also looks like it doesn't have to cost very much. The Utah man is just using old coolers and drilling holes in them.

A lot of people probably have an old cooler in their garage that they aren't using. That garbage cooler could become a winter place to sleep or escape the weather for homeless cats. The Utah man isn't the only one who thinks these cooler homes are a good idea. The ASPCA has an article, including instructions on proper construction, explaining the benefits of these humane shelters. To build a proper 'winter shelter bin', as they call them, you just need a cooler or storage bin, a tool for cutting, and straw.

You can buy a hole cutting tool at hardware stores or online for about $15. Added bonus if you buy the tool, it is the perfect size for making cornhole board cutouts. Once you cut the hole in the cooler you can fill it with a layer of straw and then place it where you want it. The ASPCA does make a good note in their article that you should place the shelter at an angle to keep water or snow from pooling inside. Cut a small hole in the bottom of the side angled down so any water can drain out.

If you are ever looking to adopt a cat or a dog make sure to check out the Twin Falls Animal Shelter.

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