I’m sitting in the doctor’s office quietly playing solitaire on my phone and someone is watching videos way too loudly in the waiting room. Why do I need to hear what TikTok 6-second video is most popular today? I don’t want to know how many awesome bonuses you are racking up on Candy Crush with chimes blaring in my ear.

You Must Do Better, Idaho. Phone Sins Exposed.

What may be worse is people talking on their phones on speaker in public. Using the waiting room scenario again, there’s not only the person holding the phone, I get to hear the response. It’s inevitable that the user has the volume cranked up as high as it can go. If I glance over at the person as the conversation continues, I get a glare in return like I’m eavesdropping.

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I did not choose to be a part of this audio-induced social situation. You brought me into your video-watching, gaming, and phone conversation. Maybe I’ll change seats and come sit next to you and watch you play. Maybe I’ll talk on the phone with you. I mean we’re sharing everything together, right? Maybe I will eat a garlic tuna sandwich for lunch. That would make things interesting.

Perhaps these phone offenders have run their battery out on the wireless headphones? Well, there are wired options. Maybe they don’t have an aux on their smartphones? I recently learned there is an adapter. Either plug in, step out, or silence your phone. I know it will be an adjustment, but I have faith in you.

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