It seems to have been a particularly bad fire season and although a lot of the smoke in the air is from Oregon and California, Idaho has some significant fires burning right now.

One of the most notable right now is the Badger Fire which is currently burning southwest of Oakley. As of September 15th over 23 thousand acres have burned. The fire was started September 12th and the cause of the fire is still unknown. According to the Fire Weather and Avalanche website, the fire isn't estimated to be contained until October 31st. Crews are working diligently to try and contain the fire. Ash is being reported in Rupert and Heyburn area as well.

Another fire is burning in Elmore County called the Grouse fire. It has burned nearly 4 thousand acres and is a human caused fire. There is no estimated containment time reported yet.

Another fire burning at Blackfoot Mountain called the Black Foot Fire has burned almost 500 acres of land.

The largest fire burning in Idaho right now is the Woodhead Fire in Washington County. That has burned over 68 thousand acres and still going. Campers and residents are asked to evacuate the area near Cambridge and it has been burning since September 7th.

Those are just some of the fires burning around the central, southern and south eastern parts of the state. There are more fires in the northern parts.

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